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About us

We represent a family-owned business with a passion for delivering only the best that we can find as the products are firstly tested by us and our youngest as preparation before putting it on the market. We offer you not just great products but extraordinary customer service, by being available for all communication and requests which you might have. We love to hear from our customers so that we constantly improve the shopping experience and provide you with the best products on the market. Our love for our children is why we chose this kind of business and with a hope that there are many more people out there that would benefit from what we have learned as now experienced parents. Please subscribe to this website as in the blog section we will be posting our own little secrets to good parenting as well as giving out some promotions.
 Business address: Joska Jordanoski 38 Prilep, Macedonia 

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Meet Our Founder

Designer, Family man, Father

In this world of ever changing and overturning situations one thing is certain I will never give up on my child and will do my best to provide a wonderful life for her and my family.

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